The Imaginary Reader

2016 - In Publications

The Imaginary Reader Contributors:
Øystein Aasan, aiPotu, Andreas Angelidakis, BADco., Erick Beltrán & Bernardo Ortiz, Milena Bonilla, Michel de Broin, Barbara Casavecchia, Daniela Cascella, Jan Christensen, Phil Coy, Bojana Cvejić & Ana Vujanović, Judith Dybendal, Mette Edvardsen, Espen Sommer Eide, Tom Engels, Jan Freuchen, Stian Gabrielsen, Dora García, Andrea Geyer, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Avery F. Gordon, Ane Graff, Luis Guerra, Mai Hofstad Gunnes, Johannes Heldén, Vlatka Horvat, Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens, Institutt for Farge, Dimitris Ioannou, Ivana Ivković, Marte Johnslien, Cecilia Jonsson, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Brandon LaBelle, John Lely, Per-Oskar Leu, Lewis & Taggart, Isabell Lorey, Young Lunde, Kristin Nordhøy, Linn Pedersen, plan b, Alexandra Pirici, Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, Hans Rosenström, Andreas Schlaegel, Ingerid S. Straume, Jon Benjamin Tallerås, Hans E. Thorsen, Ève K. Tremblay, Synnøve Marie Vik, Jacob Wren, Icaro Zorbar

Editor: Marie Nerland
Design: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

Volt 2016
ISBN 978-82-303-2814-9
Pages: 240
Hardcover: 24 x 33 cm
Language: English
The book is available from Volt’s website and in selected book stores.

The Imaginary Reader 
is both an anthology of commissioned texts by a variety of writers, artists, critics, art historians and philosophers and
 an exhibition in the form of a book with several artworks. The final section of the book presents a series of texts about some of the art projects in the Volt programme Imagining Commons, which lasted twelve days in June in Bergen in 2015 with exhibitions, performances, a 24-hour camp, conversations and lectures. The book is meant as a stimulus to thinking about the imaginary and the relationship between fiction 
and reality. By way of artworks, experimental texts and reflections it offers a range of angles and ideas that it is up to the reader to take up and explore further. To imagine something is already to start a process; to acknowledge the limitations of a situation and at the same time to initiate a change. The Imaginary Reader explores different aspects of the imaginary – the political imagination, the imaginary in art and art production, imaginary projects, the lack of and the need for the imaginary.

The book is funded by Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen, Fritt ord and Public Art Norway (URO).

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The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2013

2013 - In Publications

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2013 Contributors:
Martin Bjørnersen, Mikkel Bolt, Kåre Bulie, Melanie Gilligan, Marit Grøtta, Nils-Øivind Haagensen, Cesilie Holck, Espen Stueland

Ketil Nergaard
Marie Nerland
Arve Rød

Skin Designstudio

ISBN 978-82-530-3667-0
Pax Forlag AS 2013.

With support from Arts Council Norway
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Kunstnernes Hus
18 November 2013 at 17-19

Debate on the cultural policy after the change of government with State Secretary to the Minister of Culture, Knut Olav Åmås, artistic director at Ny musikk Anne Hilde Neset and former editor of Jonas Ekeberg.
Moderator: Kåre Bulie.

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2012

2012 - In Publications

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2012

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2011

2011 - In Publications

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2011 Contributors:
Peter J. Amdam, Trond Borgen, Susanne Christensen, Anders Eiebakke, Erlend Hammer, Geir Haraldseth, Kristian Meisingset, Gerd Elise Mørland, Arne Skaug Olsen, Arve Rød

Erlend Hammer
Ketil Nergaard
Marie Nerland

Skin Designstudio

ISBN 978-82-530-3460-7
Pax Forlag AS 2011
With support from Arts Council Norway
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Kunstnernes Hus
29 November 2011

A conversation about instrumentalisation and autonomy in the context of public art
Bo Krister Wallström and Claire Doherty.
Moderated by Ketil Nergaard.
Introduction Marie Nerland


2010 - In Publications

25 With new commissioned texts by:

Ric Allsopp, Mikkel Bolt, Pedro Carmona-Alvarez, Romeo Castellucci, Tony Chakar, Jan Christensen, Susanne Christensen, Tone Hansen, Jenny Hval, Anders Härm, Stina Högkvist, Stefan Kaegi, Arve Kleiva, Brandon LaBelle, Pablo Lafuente, Thomas Y. Levin, Florian Malzacher, Anne Hilde Neset, Tommy Olsson, Helmut Ploebst, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Hooman Sharifi, Simon Sheikh, Mårten Spångberg, Pieter T’Jonck, Myriam Van Imschoot.

Editor: Marie Nerland
Design: Judith Nærland

Published by BIT Teatergarasjen (2010)
ISBN: 978-82-996678-4-5
Hard cover
248 pages
All texts in English and some is printed bilingual in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German.
25 is supported by Nordic Culture Point, Arts Council Norway, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord, City of Bergen and Hordaland County Council.

25 can be ordered through:

Launch of 25

25 January 2010 at 19.00
Kafe Knøderen

Readings by Cesilie Holck, Erlend O. Nødtvedt, Mazdak Shafieian
Concert with Hotel Hotel.
Djs Susanne Christensen, Tommy Olsson.

Cesilie Holck debuted with the book Norg (Aschehoug, 2009). Holck is known from numerous publications, including Kraftsentrum, but also as a singer in the band The Kanossa Gang.

Erlend O. Nødtvedt is editorial member in Vagant and has previously attended Skrivekunstakademiet in Bergen. The collection of poems Harudes (Aschehoug, 2008) is his first book. For this book Nødtvedt was awarded the Young Poetry Prize.

Mazdak Shafieian is editor in Au petit garage and editorial board member of Vinduet. His most recent book is a collection of poems Dyregravsmørke. (Gyldendal Forlag, 2006).

Hotel Hotel is the name of the solo project of Vegard Urne, singer and songwriter with a past as hardcore-enthusiast and blues lover. Urne is a guitarist, drummer, singer and songwriter in the old school country-band Empty Bottles Broken Hearts. He also has experience in the band Ai Phoenix and Hotel Hotel can sound like a kind of mixture of these bands. Hotel Hotel songs like "a glorious summers day, gone bad ...".

The book launch is in collaboration with Norsk Forfattersentrum Vestlandet.

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2010

2010 - In Publications

The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2010 Contributors:
Erling Moestue Bugge, Geir Haraldseth, Bjørn Hatterud,Tommy Olsson, Dieter Lesage, Ketil Nergaard, Johanne Færevaag Nome, Tore Næss, Marit Paasche, Karolin Tampere, Johanne Nordby Wernø, Øystein Aasan

Erlend Hammer
Ketil Nergaard
Marie Nerland

Skin Designstudio

ISBN 978-82-530-3347-7
Pax Forlag AS 2010.

With support from Arts Council Norway


Seminar on Artist Residency

Hordaland kunstsenter, Bergen

28th of September 2010
at 13.00 - 16.30

With plan b (Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers), Toril Johannessen and Dieter Lesage.
Moderator: Erlend Hammer.
Introduction: Ketil Nergaard og Marie Nerland

One of our main themes in the Norwegian Art Yearbook 2010 is the internationalization of the art scene. An important, yet fairly little discussed issue, is the global increase of different Artist Residency-programmes during the last 10 to 15 years, and how this has influenced the contemporary art production.

The Artist residency-prorammes deals with accommodating artist’s travels and ideally become established internationally, while the organizers also want something in return, in the form of exhibitions or network. In addition to looking at the potential conflict between these two intentions, we wish to discuss how the dissemination of Artist Residencies influence artists’ way of working and today’s art production.

“If the background for a residency programme is formulated clearly and early on by those who host it, the residency is all the more likely to be successful.” (Artist and curator Karolin Tampere, from her conversation about Residency-programmes in Norwegian Art Yearbook 2010.)

“In today’s global capitalism, there is only one kind of desire worthy of support, and that is the desire for maximum absence.” (Writer and critic Dieter Lesage on the demands on artists of minimum presence during residencies in Norwegian Art Yearbook 2010.)

plan b are the British-born artists Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers. Since 2002 they have made over 25 projects together that have been shown in 27 different cities. They work together collaboratively as well as pursuing solo projects. Alongside performances made specifically for a particular context or place, they make installations based on their GPS-traces, works on paper, durational performances, locative media projects, audio guides and video walks. . In 2001 they both received separate Artsadmin Artists' Bursaries, in 2004 plan b were artists in residence at Podewil, Berlin, and in 2006 Belasco Rogers received a stipend from the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Toril Johannessen is an artist and member of the studio collective Flaggfabrikken - center for photography and contemporary art, which has hosted a residency since the autumn 2006. She is based in Bergen, and has recently returned from residencies in Vancouver and Berlin. She holds an MA from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, and will start Maountain School of Arts (MSA^),Los Angeles January 2011. Her latest exhibitions include Bergen Kunsthall No.5, Bergen, CSA Space, Vancouver, and Lautom Contemporary, Oslo.

Dieter Lesage is a philosopher and writer. He has been a visiting professor at the Piet Zwart Institute of the Willem De Kooning Academie in Rotterdam (2003-2005) and at the Institut für Kulturtheorie of the Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (2007). He is a professor and research coordinator at the Department of Audiovisual and Performing Arts (Rits) at the Erasmus University College Brussels. He is a member of the Editorial Board at Afterall (London-Antwerp-and member of the International Advisory Board of Art & Research – A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods (Glasgow). He is a co-editor, with Kathrin Busch, of A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher: The Academy and the Bologna Process (Antwerp: MuHKA, 2007). With German artist Ina Wudtke, he curated the exhibitions A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher (Freiraum/quartier21, Vienna, 2007) and A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher 2.0 (Beursschouwburg, Brussels, 2008) and recently published the book Black Sound White Cube (Vienna: Loecker Verlag, 2010). Since 2006, Dieter Lesage lives in Berlin.

The seminar is held in English.
Entrance: NOK 50 to be paid cash at the entrance, includes food.
Registration before September 20th to norskkunstaarbok(at) Limited number of seats.

This seminar is organised by the editors of the Norwegian Art Yearbook 2010: Erlend Hammer, Ketil Nergaard and Marie Nerland. The seminar and launch is supported by City of Bergen and Arts Council Norway and organised in collaboration with KiK, Hordaland Art Centre and Volt.


2007 - In Publications

3t - journal for performance theory and practice was established in Bergen, Norway, in 1996
with the aim to create a forum for reflection on the performing arts by publishing interviews, performance texts, visual contributions and theoretical articles.
3t was funded by Arts Council Norway

3t issue 25 STØY (2007)
Theses on Noise by Mattin
Vokabular er en dårlig vane - et intervju med John Hegre av Roar Sletteland
Skittenstøyvask - et intervju med Lasse Marhaug av Eirik Kydland
Lost in Distortion - i Japan med Lasse Marhaug
Støy i musikk og kunst av Jøran Rudi
Towards the blur by Francisco López
"It's Interesting, But My Life Is Somewhere Else" av Ryfylke
Eavesdrops (species of listening) by Brandon LaBelle
Kjærlighetens øredøvende kraft av Hans E. Thorsen
"Possible Stage for a Heavy Metal Guitar Solo Performance" by Dimitris Foutris
Music of the Spheres, Sunn o))), Earth and the rising tide of Drone Metal by Tony F. Wilson
Se til siden av Marie Nerland
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 24SKRIFT (2006)
Død skitt. Heiner Muller av Jenny Hval
Jenseits des Todes HM3 by Mirko Winkel
Heiner Muller and the Impress of Time by Mischa Twitchin
Towers Open Fire - Repetition-Replication-Alteration-Mutation by Jack Warren
Seks dikt av Kristian Hæggernes
Søknad no.1 av Hans E. Thorsen
World Trade Center av Tomnmy Olsson
Tegn av Åsne Hagen
Songs of the Dragon Flying to Heaven by Young Jean Lee
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 23 ROM (2006)
Lek med rom - et intervju med Gob Squad av Marie Nerland
Dialogue with Space and Place in Myriam van Imschoot´s "Shuffling the Cards" by Camilla Eeg
Shuffling the Cards by Myriam Van Imschoot
Omskrevne rom - Mette Edvardsens "Private Collection" og "Opening" av Melanie Fieldseth
Spaces of the Uncertain: Christoph Schlingensief´s interventions in public space by Miriam Dreysse
Some pieces by szu szu
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 22 TID (2006)
´Det som hendar medan du pustar inn´ - et intervju med Kurt Johannessen av Marie Nerland
A story of walking and talking - an interview med Lone Twin av Elke Van Campenhout
Waiting for the Moment of Art by Joachim Gerstmeier
Performing Airports with Rimini Protokoll by Solveig Gade
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 21 (2006)
Skywalker - en samtale med Børre Sæthre - av Caroline Ugelstad
At smadre teatret mod væggen - et interview med John Collins af Solveig Gade
The Truth - Lars Morell
A late elegy for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) by Nick Kaldunski
Black Noise by Lee Mayr/Anton Koslov
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 20 (2005)
"Den femte statsmakt" - kunstpraksiser som rom for kritikk av Boel Christensen-Scheel
Bergtagen på blankvers - et intervju med Karl Dunér av Maria Lindh-Garreau
Tvättstuga - test for teater av Peder Bjurman
Performing landscapes - changing site by Annette Arlander
3ts guide til Danmark
3ts guide til Finland
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 19 (2005)
Angreb på vores selvopfattelse - interview med Christian Lollike af Anna Krarup
Risk - min eller din. Det er frågan. av Danjel Andersson
Autentiske iscenesettelser - om Kate Pendry av Siren Leirvåg
The lesson of the story - a text for theatre by Mikko Rimminen
BUGS DRØM#3/BORED SHE MAKES FROGS - tekst for teater av Pedro Carmona-Alvarez
Even the smallest act - on some works by Jeppe Hein by Camilla Jalving
3ts guide til Island
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 18 (2005)
Å kunne tillate seg alt - et intervju med Erna Ómarsdóttir av Marie Nerland
Theory of experimance by Eero-Tapio Vouri
Full Circle - a text for theatre by Sjón
Superflex - immanent avantgarde av Troels Degn Johandsson
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 17 (2005)
Uten tittel av Jan Christensen
Det er ikke en passiv tilværelse - et intervju med Hooman Sharifi av Melanie Fieldseth
Om forestillingen "We failed to hold this reality in mind" av Erlend Hammer
Thomas Hirschhorn: Swiss Swiss Democracy av Jon Refsdal Moe
3ts guide til Sverige
Alle tider samtidigt tilsammans som en - en tekst for teater av Johannes Heldén
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 15-16
Goksøyr & Martens
Et sprang ut i tomrommet. Refleksjoner over det postdramatiske teater: Luk Van den Dries
Fusa riot – et intervju med H.E. Visekongen av Fusa: Sindre Holme
Elin Wikström - aktiverte situasjoner: Silje Engeness
Några särdrag i den relationella konsten: Rickard Borgström
Sammen mot alt - et intervju med Blast Theory: Sverre Ole Drønen
Alienating realities. Hygiene Heute and th politics of sonic conspiracy: Peter M Boenisch
Dance and politic - a matter of time: Fabiana Dultra Britto
The Kids Will Have Their Say: Vegard Jarness
Et intervju med Kaospilot : Vegard Jarness
Blikk på: ny litteratur og ressurser
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 14
Escaping second nature: Anne Szefer Karlsen
Dramaturgy as a mode of looking: Maaike Bleeker
Å se uten og holde blyanten i hånden: Marianne van Kerkhoven
Langsomhet og risiko: intervju med Cecilia Olveczky av Kjetil Røed
Dramaturgiske konsepter: intervju med Camilla Eeg av Marie Nerland
Tekst for teater: Ole Mads Vevle
Blikk på ny litteratur og ressurser
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 13
Performativitet og kropp i samtidsdans: Melanie Fieldseth
To collaborate is to be deceived: interview with Deep Blue by Steven De Belder
Eloquently speechless - On language in the recent work of Vera Mantero: Jeroen Peeters
"Knoting og streving": intervju med Katrine Bøstad av Miriam Prestøy Lie
Blikk på ny litteratur og ressurser innen dansefeltet
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Jon Refsdal Moe, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 12
"Aktuell rapport"
Utdrag av tekster fra "Aktuell rapport": Dag Johan Haugerud
Intervju med Jon Tombre
Meditasjoner over regi: Tore Vagn Lid
Mobile Home
"Den fremmede - et vendepunkt": Alexis Killengreen
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Andreas Langenes, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 11
Om det nødvendige: Intervju med Runar Hodne av Grete Indahl
Å tørre: Intervju med Marit Moum Aune av Melanie Fieldseth
Et ansvar for teatret: Intervju med Yngve Sundvor av Ingvild Bræin
I bevegelse: Intervju med Tyra Tønnesen av Andreas Langenes
Produksjonsprosesser: Intervju med Alexander Mørk Eidem av Marie Nerland
Editors: Melanie Fieldseth, Andreas Langenes, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 9-10
Distance "corrupts" and establishes intimacy: Intervju med Meg Stuart av Jedrt Jez
Highway 101: av Marie Nerland
The parallel worlds of "Highway's" surveillance / theatre: av Steven De Belder
The uncanny art of Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods: av Rudi Laermans
Cunts going knowhere - a txt for theatre: av Hjørdis Lehre
Pants on fire!: Henriette Pedersen og Alan L.Øyen
Becoming Hotel Fuck: av Niels Lehmann
siste klikk any affair
Editors: Andreas Langenes, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 8
Hot Wired Live Art: av Scott deLahunta
Nervousvision: intervju med HC Gilje av Marie Nerland
Et styrt anarki på en måte: Intervju med Ina Christel Johannessen og Jens Sethzman av Andreas Langenes
Ballet's memory, or: William Forsythe's disappearance acts: by Gerald Siegmund
Frispark : Tid for foradring: av Turid Birkeland
I hvitøyet: av Mieke Matzke
Baktruppen og recto versto - mot nye energier i teateret: av Knut Ove Arntzen
Editors: Andreas Langenes, Grethe Melby, Marie Nerland
Layout: Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen

3t issue 7
Finsk samtida dans: av Jan-Peter Kaiku
Balteatrets Haven er helt hvid: av Henrik Vestergaard Pedersen
Teater og Samfunn: av Agnieszka Kowalska-Klafstad
Gary Hill og den andre natten: av Audun Eckhoff
Calling Paris - et intervju med Jerome Bel: av Torill Braaten
Frispark: Fra menneskesinn til menneskesinn: Debattinnlegg av Caspar Evensen
Strålkastere: av Pernilla Nilsson
GO GO GO: av Juliana Francis
Utdrag fra Marianne Solbergs prosjekt "Landscape of hits"
Editors: Torill Braaten, Andreas Langenes, Marie Nerland, Marit Strømmen
Layout: Tom Klev

3t issue 6
En komponist kan lære mennesket at alle lyder er vakre: samtale med Ole-Henrik Moe av Torill Braaten
Katarina Frostensons Traum: av Wenche Larsen
Det omvendte stafettløpet: av Amanda Steggell
Teater, mimesis og teknologi: av Kurt Vanhoutte
Prøverommet: av Torill Braaten
Å opptre i teknologiske omgivelser: av Henri Daniel
Från information till installasjon: av Mateusz Herczka
Radio(kKkKkKk) Descartes: av Christian A. Herold
Vanskelig å si: Jan Decorte
Leserbrev og debattinnlegg
Når de døde vågner
Eldrid Lunden
Editors: Torill Braaten, Ole Klemsdal, Marie Nerland, Marit Strømmen
Layout: Tom Klev

3t issue 5
Bill.mrk.Spillerom: av Marit Strømmen
Skap et tomrom: av Walter Pfaff
"Dance, Writing and Unsettled Bodies": intervju med Ric Allsopp av Torill Braaten
No Title/ No Theory. ten short stabs at authenticity: av Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment
Tre tekster: Marianne Solberg
Utdrag fra forestillingen Storm Kvakkestad: av Baktruppen
Post-mainstream som en geokulturell dimensjon for teater: av Knut Ove Arntzen
Polyvesper 1-2-3: av Marius Hauge / Hybrid Design
Moderne teater finn ikkje (ein) stad: av Julia Kristeva
Working notes towards Transcryptum: av Bracha Lichtenberg-Ettinger
Red Shoes / There's no place like home: av Diane Oatley
Editors: Torill Braaten, Ole Klemsdal, Marie Nerland, Marit Strømmen
Layout: Tom Klev

3t issue 4
Alien IV theater: av Mårten Spångberg
Sitater: av rolv b.
Doo Doo Wap is strong in here: av Marit Strømmen
Splayed mind out: av Gary Hill / Meg Stuart
Lyd: av Marie Nerland
Music of the Future ...and Music of the Past: Scanner
A history of innovation: av divad brown
Passacaglia: av Eric Sleichim
Pjong: samtale med Jørgen Knudsen og Jo Strømgren av Ole Klemsdal
Remixed: av Otto Plonk
Selvkritikk: av Heiner Müller
Fra happenings til ambient - overskridelsens umulighet: av Kristian Seltun
Kunsten som mimetisk operasjon: av Mario Pernolia
Log book of Jet Hotel: av Gritt Ulldall-Jenssen
CD'en "Moving Pitches" or Dancing in the Dark: The Sonology of Dance av Jørgen Knudsen og Jo Strømgren
Editors: Torill Braaten, Ole Klemsdal, Marie Nerland, Kristian Seltun, Marit Strømmen
Layout: Tom Klev

3t issue 3
Verdensteateret: samtale med Lisbeth J. Bodd og Asle Nilsen av Torill Braaten
Fra kabaretdramaturgi mot en ny teatertekst: av Knut Ove Arntzen
Performativ skrift: når teateret er innskrevet i teksten: av Michael J. Sidnell
Den performative teksten av Siren Leirvåg
Ordbæreren: av Marianne Solberg
Zero visibility: av Torill Braaten
Dans är inte ett språk: av Cristina Caprioli
Doktor Faustus tenner lyset: av Gertrude Stein, oversatt av Marianne Solberg
Editors: Torill Braaten, Ole Klemsdal, Marie Nerland, Kristian Seltun, Marit Strømmen
Layout: Tom Klev

Kompressor: CD with electronic music

2003 - In Publications

Kompressor: CD with electronic music Kompressor
- CD with electronic music

Tracks by TeeBee, Lupo, Skolpender, Kahuun, Neural Network, David Brown, Polar, Mushroom, Syklon, Information, Kaptain Kaliber

The CD is a documentation of the electronic music scene in Bergen from about 1993 to 2003, with a rich 16-page CD-cover with history and flyers.
Kompressor is a tribute to all those who have helped to make Bergen a good place to be in the past decade - to club- and party organizers, flyer designers and DJs.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the realization of the CD.

Collected by Anders Gogstad, Marie Nerland, Thomas Paulsen, Mikal Telle
Mastered by Jørgen Træen in Duper
Design fragment design
Press Bodoni Hus

Kompressor is part of the box Ferdsskriveren (BIT Teatergarasjen, 2003)
Ferdsskriveren is funded by Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen, Fond for lyd og bilde, Bergen Riksmålsforenings Fond, Bergens Tidende og SpareBank1 Vest.


2003 - In Publications